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Verbal reasoning examples




These examples test your ability to understand the logic of various statements and your ability to interpret ideas contained in a passage of text.  Verbal reasoning tests are not tests of your general knowledge.



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Base your answers on what the passage says - not on some knowledge you have.

If the passage contradicts the statement then the statement is false.

If the passage supports the statement then the statement is true.

If the statement cannot be found in the passage, or doesn't follow LOGICALLY, it's probably a "not possible to say". 




Take one passage at a time.

First, read the passage.  Next, evaluate each of the statements that follow in the light of the information, or opinions, contained in the passage. Select your answer according to the following rules:






verbal reasoning





If you think the statement is TRUE, or follows logically, given the information or opinions in the passage, then click T If you think the statement is FALSE, or the opposite follows logically from the information or opinions in the passage, then click F If it is not possible to say whether the statement is true or false from the information or opinions in the passage then click C



verbal reasoning




Playing music, as well as listening to it, can help you focus your thoughts. Music can help you create art and inventions, brainstorm ideas, and solve problems. Several scientists, writers and artists have used music to help them learn, think through problems and get inspired. Albert Einstein played a violin while he mulled over physics problems.


1 Albert Einstein was a famous physicist.

2 Listening to music can help your creativity.

3 Playing music cannot help people to focus.

4 All scientists choose to use music to help them learn or solve problems.



verbal reasoning



On low fat and low calorie diets, people can do serious harm to themselves by over-exercising.  When the body is not getting enough protein from food, it turns to its only source of non-dietary protein: muscle.  The body can actually begin to consume its own healthy muscle tissue.


1 In some circumstances, the body can use its muscle as a source of protein.

2 Very high amounts of exercise can be healthy if combined with a low fat and low calorie diet.

3 A high calorie and high fat diet is good for you.

4 The body has several sources of non-dietary protein.



Some publishers prefer the term "UNTRUE" to the term "FALSE".

For options C above, some publishers say "If you cannot say . . ." when they mean 

"If it is not possible to say from the information provided".


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We hope these helped you to tune into verbal reasoning tests.


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